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Modperl и шаблоны и диетические еды рецепты

Modperl и шаблоны

Because mod_perl gives you the ability to access the entire Apache API, you to to pass in the filename of the Template Toolkit template the app should. The examples in the docs show a pipeline execution style, but it's easy to write a mod_perl handler that directly invokes templates. HTML::Template - Perl module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts the disk access from reading a template file just use mod_perl and the cache option.

My application root is My guess is that this has little to do with permission, but rather that the application is loaded quite differently. How is it that. Mar 1, 2003 Writing Multilingual Sites With mod_perl and Template Toolkit. The Perl Journal March 2003. By Stas Bekman and Eric Cholet. Eric and Stas. Feb 15, 2014 mod_perl documentation: This chapter provides an in-depth mod_perl 2.0 configuration details. Jun 1, 2000 The solution to this problem is to integrate mod_perl with templates, which environment than Zope and commercial template solutions. Dec 11, 2002 The mod_perl user list archives at In this scenario, a template-driven config file generator becomes even more appealing. Here's a simple. Sep 17, 2014 This tutorial document provides a introduction to the Template Toolkit content generation using CGI scripts and Apache/mod_perl handlers.

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